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"i call you butterfly" shinee
Vicky here! I'm a big fan of wu ying jie/gui gui and SMTOWN since that's where most of my favorite bands are from. I also enjoy listening to cpop/mandopop too and my original username was callmeyourbutterfly  tofus with berries here
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this is literally the most important moment in all of history

always here, kim taeyeon.

21/100 stanning snsd

21/100 stanning snsd

How they grab the flag 





and then hyoyeon


Taeyeon = cute bunny

Tiffany = bulls eye

Hyoyeon = The flash


SNSD through the years Kim Taeyeon


A golden compilation of the ByunTae jokes


to act cute behind sica is her forte. LOL

7 billion people on this planet… 


By my calculations that’s got to include a heck of a lot of attractive men.

Choose one of them and get over BaekYeon.

When there are hurtful times and sad times, I’ve come to find that there is no one else but these nine people here. Even really close oppas or manager oppas… if they’re not in SNSD, no one really knows or understands. There have been so many times like that and I hope that there will be no more times of hurt and sadness that bring us to tears… I love you, my SNSD.” -Kim Taeyeon




its so open-minded of taeyeon to date a fan

this tops

so does taeyeon