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"i call you butterfly" shinee
Vicky here! I'm a big fan of wu ying jie/gui gui and SMTOWN since that's where most of my favorite bands are from. I also enjoy listening to cpop/mandopop too and my original username was callmeyourbutterfly  tofus with berries here
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When SHINee gets kidnapped... 

When SHINee gets kidnapped...

Taemin: Are we getting kidnapped??
Key: What is this?
Minho: Where are we going now?
Key: Look at this, look at this! *reading letter* A program where SHINee will be the main characters!
Taemin: I'm sure. This is a wild and nature variety.
Key: *guessing* 1 Night 2 Days!
Onew: Are we going to work?
Taemin: Does this program feed us food?
Key: I already ate before coming out.
Taemin: *worries more*
Key: If we do something wrong, will the viewers think of it as a bad thing?
Cameraman: Yes.
SHINee: *gasp*
Jonghyun: We must do good.
Minho: Are there girls?
Jonghyun: Are there?
Cameraman: Maybe.
SHINee: Eey~...
Jonghyun: Who do you think the girls are?
Key: SNSD?
Jonghyun: But we see SNSD everyday, do you want us to see them again?
Minho: It seems like Dream Team because I recognize some of the cameramen.
Taemin: Then does that mean it's a KBS program?
Jonghyun: I think I know! I know!... Hello Baby.
Onew: Are WE being raised?
Jonghyun: Hello Baby SHINee version?
Key: Hello SHINee!
Minho: SNSD Hello Baby Season 2? Raising SHINee?
Taemin: Oh! The noonas will raise us??

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The Babies of Hello Baby


Lauren and her cousins are wearing hello kitty :))


Lauren and her cousins are wearing hello kitty :))


Lauren English lesson…


This is one video that NEVER fails to make me laugh. I love you Lee Taemin you adorable maknae! ^_^


“I asked them to cover up their ears because of the sound when she pees… I’m afraid that Dayoung will feel embarrassed when they hear that sound. Even though she is still young, I’m still afraid that she might feel sad” ㅡ G.O (MBLAQ)

I wish there was a boarding school just for Kpop fans.  




Then we’d look at each other’s albums like

We’d dance their (favorite band) dances like

We’d play the games our biases played like

We’d laugh at reality shows like

We’d pose their dorky poses like

We’d cry when our biases cry like

We’d look at how cute our biases are like

And when haters bash them we’d be like

trading albums yo


Cute Yoogeunnie with his cousin and a parrot 


Credit: baidu

aww, this kid! :D

awww they’re too cute!!!

Yoogeunnie is so handsome!! 


Yooguen went to the airport to fetch his hal-muh-nee (grandmother)

credit/source: yoogeun’s mum / yoogeun baidu

awwww we need a hello baby season 2 reunion!!

ha ha taemin!! aww he’s too adorable!

ha ha taemin!! aww he’s too adorable!