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"i call you butterfly" shinee
Vicky here! I'm a big fan of wu ying jie/gui gui and SMTOWN since that's where most of my favorite bands are from. I also enjoy listening to cpop/mandopop too and my original username was callmeyourbutterfly  tofus with berries here
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: me reading the morning newspaper.

:haha awesome.

[TRANS] : I will go to the airport to kidnap you  (c)

interview with the star and a 5 yo


SW: Get Down.

EH: Don’t want.



uh kiho you might wanna reconsider that…

when sj become fanboys: exo concert - shindong and eunhyuk got scolded for lifting project banner too early… fans yelled “not yet!!

how to english by hyukjae

10/30 fancams of Sooyoung

Hyukjae educates Henry on proper ment manners.


Sexy Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon lifting their shirts…and then there’s Kyu

somewhere out there, another puppy is crying for donghae’s attention

favorite still you scenery