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"i call you butterfly" shinee
Vicky here! I'm a big fan of wu ying jie/gui gui and SMTOWN since that's where most of my favorite bands are from. I also enjoy listening to cpop/mandopop too and my original username was callmeyourbutterfly  tofus with berries here
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♡ baekyeol’s love through the years part 1/?


baekhyun vs bitter gourd drink


A golden compilation of the ByunTae jokes

baekhyun adorably snuggling up to the pillow

baekhyun adorably snuggling up to the pillow

The Hard Life of Byun Baekhyun:

1. Is Kris gonna bow 90 degre—yes he is.

2. Okay I’m also gonna bow 90 degr—shiET HYUNG U ALMOST TOOK OUT MY FACE.

3. Standing on a platform at least a foot tall—still can’t be seen.

7 billion people on this planet… 


By my calculations that’s got to include a heck of a lot of attractive men.

Choose one of them and get over BaekYeon.

baekhyun’s fluffy hair

make me choose between:

baekhyun’s hands or sehun’s butt  {requested by kvungsoos}


Baekhyun is a lot thinner .LOOK AT HIS NECK AND HIS FACE ! 


He doesn’t smile anymore 


He didn’t talk at all and for the first time HE STOOD AT THE BACK




Favourite OTP's
       ↳ BaekYeol


how Jongin takes care of Kyungsoo feat how Chanyeol teases Baekhyun ~~ aigoo, that feeling =) =)

suho forever doing things behind baekhyun while he’s talking to the camera

The others might have already broken their promise of staying with you ‘til the end but I will keep mine. Despite of the current situation, it will never change the happiness you’ve brought our lives even with the simplest things you do; you’re still, and will always be wonderful Byun Baekhyun. Stay strong my FEARLESS B.

Do they have nicknames for each other?

They call each other Taengkoong. Taeyeon’s nickname is taengoo and Baekhyun’s nickname is baekoong, so they combined it.