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"i call you butterfly" shinee
Vicky here! I'm a big fan of wu ying jie/gui gui and SMTOWN since that's where most of my favorite bands are from. I also enjoy listening to cpop/mandopop too and my original username was callmeyourbutterfly  tofus with berries here
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The police even ADVISED SM TO cancel

all concert were canceled except SMTown

So no it was just “rain” it was a fuckn storm

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Okay, I just read the news that Lee Sooman’s wife just passed away. 

Before anyone starts bashing him saying karma got him for this and that. Please let me stress this. 

Lee Sooman is the founder and ex-CEO. I repeat again, EX-CEO. The current CEO, who kept running into one kpopcalypse after another is not Lee Sooman. He stepped down in February, 2010. EXO is his last brainchild, apparently, and that’s it. He is not involved in any of the affairs that has happened. 

Just to make sure that people don’t start bashing on him on the internet at times like this for the wrong reasons because it’s just a horrible and insensitive thing to do. 







label: SM
# of members: 6 
my role: main vocal LOLOL WE’RE FUCKED.
we collab with: mblaq ♥
4 years together
i don’t go solo. i’m terrible lmao.
we did not have a good run.
I do take requests for any click and drag games you wish to see. c:

Label: SM

# of members: 9

my role: rapper LOL FUCKED SO HARD

we collab with: Super Junior

15 years together

Yes, I go solo… I doubt I’d make it far though XD

Label: JYP

# of members: 9

My role: lead rapper
collab with: shinee
years together: 4
Yes, i go solo

Label: YG

# of members: 4

My role: Maknae (Why am I always the youngest?)

Collab with: Big Bang

Years together: 10

Yes I go solo…but i’d miss my group!

Label: SM

# of members: 5

My role: Main vocal (fuck yeah!)

Colab with: SHINee (this just gets better and better)

Years together: 8

Yes I go solo~

Label: SM (SCORE!!)

# of members: 8 (hmm that’s a pretty good amount! i prefer big groups)

my role: visual (are you sure you want that?? like really sure?)

Collab with: beast (alright let me break out my moves!! fiction in fiction)

years together: 15 (WOOT WOOT!! I assume we’re successful! even if we have my face as the visual)


do you have that one celebrity that you admire and their existence has made a change in your life and if anyone ever bad mouths them you turn into a savage beast


So basically a recap of Sm entertainments activities in 2012.

“we (smtown) were one and together“ ♠

“we (smtown) were one and together“ 


We can’t begin to tell you how satisfying it was to film this scene :D

SM Idols & Their Obsessions.. 

SM Idols & Their Obsessions..

Onew: Chicken
Taemin: Milk
Jonghyun: Insoles
Key: Girl group dances
Minho: Winning
Sooyoung: Food
Seohyun: Sweet potatoes
Tiffany: The colour pink
Kyuhyun: starcraft
Heechul: Sohee and Cats
Sehun: Luhan
Luhan: "Baozi"
Xiumin: Steamed buns
Lay: Telling members' secrets
Tao: Gucci & walking along the beach
Kris: Poking his members
Chanyeol: Crack
Baekhyun: Eyeliner
Kai: Stripping
Chen: Telling 'jokes'
D.O: Cooking spaghetti
Suho: His side fringe
Siwon: Jesus
Eunhyuk: Porn
Ryeowook: Giraffes

The "-ics" of SM 

The "-ics" of SM

Ring Ding Dong: Fantastic Elastic
Nu ABO: Hysteric Mysteric
Lucifer: Loverholic Robotronic
Mr. Taxi: Hypertonic Supersonic
Electric Shock: Electric
Paparazzi: Punkadelic

And then there’s Taemin…

And then there’s Taemin…

Taemin & Minho buzy playing video games at the back that cause Key to stop talking. xD

-from IAM movie

taemin @ smtown LA ending

120520 SMTOWN LA, cr:SHINeelovee05